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TFK Impact: Mission Moment

Summer Campers LOVED PNC Park Tours

TFK Impact:
Mission Moment

There is no greater way to understand the impact of a TFK experience than directly from the Kids themselves. Connect with our agency partners through Mission Moments.

Edition: September 7, 2017

Agency: 2017 Summer Programs in Pittsburgh

Event: PNC Park Tours

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

“This trip was amazing…best field trip tour we’ve ever had.”

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and offers stadium tours throughout the year. TFK partners with the stadium to offer TFK Kids an exclusive look inside the park. Tour guides take groups just about everywhere in the ballpark, including the Pirates Clubhouse, Batting Cage, Dugout, Field, and Press Box…all this with the skyline of downtown Pittsburgh in the backdrop.

All summer long these tours have sparked interest in baseball, opened geographic boundaries to downtown Pittsburgh, inspired children to ask questions, and exposed kids to something new.

Hear from the groups themselves:
  • “The up close and personal tour of PNC Park did not disappoint. Campers loved seeing the baseball field from the first row of the stadium! They were in awe of the beauty and just how enormous the park was. It was truly an awesome tour.”
  • “Very nice educational tour with baseball and Pittsburgh history! A great activity to start the summer!”
  • “It was an awesome experience to tour PNC Park. We were able to see what goes on behind the scenes. The people at the Park were extremely nice and warm. We all enjoyed ourselves. Thank you!”
  • “Our campers enjoyed PNC Park. We really had a great time and they learned a lot about the stadium and Pirates history.”
  • “One of the students was so awestruck, his comment was ‘Are these the real lockers or are they just fake ones put up for us to see?’ Thanks to Tickets for Kids and the Pirates for this memorable experience.”
  • “The students were very interested in the tour, especially since many of our students play baseball and softball.”

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More Than a Fun Day at Soccer Camp

TFK Impact:
Mission Moment

There is no greater way to understand the impact of a TFK experience than directly from the Kids themselves. Connect with our agency partners through Mission Moments.

Edition: August 24, 2017

Agency: Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region

Event: ProCamp: Soccer Camp

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Kisha is a Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region in Philadelphia. Without Tickets for Kids, she never would have been able to take her Little Sister to soccer camp.

"My Little is super shy!” Kisha told us. “She told me a couple of times she was scared to attend the soccer camp, but I assured her that I would be there and she would have a great time.”

Participation in day-camp programs can have a significant effect on the attitudes of children attending. A national study of more than 3,500 children found that children, ages 10 to 16, demonstrated positive changes in their attitudes and perceptions regarding education, self-perceptions, and sportsmanship at the end of the program…even though it was only one day long!

“Everyone at the soccer camp was so friendly, from the coaches to the children to the parents in the stands! My Little indeed had a great time, what an experience! We appreciate all that you guys did, thank you Tickets for Kids.”

Way to go Kisha for helping your Little overcome her fear and enjoy camp.

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Summer Fun at Phipps

TFK Impact:
Mission Moment

There is no greater way to understand the impact of a TFK experience than directly from the Kids themselves. Connect with our agency partners through Mission Moments.

Edition: June 23, 2017

Agency: New Outlook Academy

Event: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Looking for some #Summerfun? Maybe the experience of these TFK Kids from New Outlook Academy will inspire you to head outdoors this season.

“We had a great time at Phipps! From the moment we walked through the first set of doors, the girls were blown away by all the trees and flowers that surrounded them. We made our way through all of the different rooms, seeing the many displays that the conservatory had to offer. A favorite of the students was the room of orchids, the bonsai tree display, and the cactus room. The edible plant room was also a hit; the girls were curious to see the plants that their chocolate, coffee, and sugar come from! Since it was such a nice day outside, we took our time walking through the outdoor gardens and taking in the view of the city.”

Here are some of the things the TFK Kids had to say:
  • Ciera – “It was exciting to see an actual chocolate tree and seeing a starfruit for the first time! It was such a beautiful place. Thank you.”
  • Jessica – “Going to the conservatory was a great time. It was amazing to see all the different flowers and to see all the colors. I really enjoyed myself, and it was so beautiful!”
  • Brittany – “It was an experience I will never forget.”
  • Cassidy – “I’ve never been to a conservatory before, or spent much time observing the beauty of flowers. This experience was great and so memorable. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy flowers and nature.”

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens was founded in Pittsburgh in 1893 and has a number of formal gardens and various species of exotic plants like the bonsai trees these TFK Kids enjoyed!

Heartfelt thank you makes impact clear

Dear people who gave us tickets for ice skating,

I just want to say thank you. I can’t remember the last time that I had so much funIce rink, or got to feel like a child again, for the first time in a long time. I haven’t brought out my inner child since I was seven years old, when I had to grow up too fast. I’m seventeen now. And I haven’t seen that kid in a long time. I had a great time skating. I now know where to take my five-year-old sister when I get out. I hope I can go skating some more times while I’m in here, so I can practice and be good when I get out and go back to California, and then I’ll be able to teach her to skate.

There are no words to tell you how grateful that I am that I’ll be able to show her something good, to teach her to skate like Elsa, her favorite Disney princess. I want to say thanks again for my new skill and one of the best days of my lifetime.  I can’t wait to show my sister that I can live up to her opinion of me. – Allan, resident at Summit Academy