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Why the Sweat Pants Dance?!
A (very) casual cocktail party to benefit Tickets for Kids.
You might think that the opportunity to wear your yoga wear or workout attire to a cocktail party is simply enough, but in September we’ll be doing more than just celebrating in comfort. The Sweat Pants Dance is themed around the different sports and recreational opportunities that happen all year long at TFK. Thanks to supporters just like you, TFK Kids are cheering on their favorite sports teams in stadiums across the country or spending time running, jumping, skipping, and hopping outdoors.

The opportunities that TFK provides are more than fun and games and can have a big impact on the at-risk population the program reaches.

Family Bonds

A day at the ballpark is often a great opportunity for families to share quality time together. Did you know that families who recreate together tend to be closer, more cohesive and improve their chances of staying together? TFK opportunities encourage family participation whenever possible.


An outing with TFK encourages more than cheering from the stands. TFK Kids become active participants in their home communities, joining thousands of others locals can generate a new sense of community pride.


When young people feel good about themselves they operate more effectively and productively in our communities, families, and schools. Being out in the community encourages social engagement and overcoming personal challenges.