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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How do I make a change to my request or cancel a trip?

Log into the website and click on Ticket Requests. Then:

2) What events are available?

Log into the website and click on Event List to browse or search. You can also watch for regular emails from TFK!

Subscribe to our emails here.

3) Am I approved for my event?

The Agency Contact person will always receive an email for all approvals or denials. Please read these carefully to determine the details of your trip and admission.

To have another letter emailed to you:

4) How will I receive my admission?

Most often by Letter of Admission. Print your admission from the link embedded in your approval letter.

Sometimes admissions are by actual tickets. Read your approval email for details on how to obtain these. TFK will often send out tickets (numbering 10 or more) via UPS. There are times that tickets will require pick-up from the TFK office.

5) What if my group encounters some other type of emergency when it is time for our trip?
(For example: severe weather, we forgot our Letter of Admission, we’re running late, our van broke down, etc.)

Please call the Tickets for Kids office during business hours for further instruction.

If it is after business hours, or during a weekend ONLY, please call the TFK emergency line at 412-901-2750.

6) What if I am no longer able to be my agency’s TFK contact person?

Please email or call the TFK office so we can walk you through the procedure.