One of the best ways to learn about the impact of Tickets for Kids is to hear what TFK Kids, parents and chaperones have to say…

pgh-zoo“The purpose of this event was to support two of our transition-age youth who have faced difficulty making friends and navigating social interactions in community activity. Both young adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the Zoo. The two exchanged contact information during the event, and appeared to spark a genuine friendship. There were several opportunities throughout the day for each of them to practice important social skills and overcoming anxiety. The two really helped support each other!”

– Pressley Ridge at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium





“I thought we were only going to see paintings, but there was a room filled with balloons and there was another with videos of people on the wall. It was so fun!”

– Grayson Center TFK Kid at the Andy Warhol Museum






“The kids could not stop talking about how great a time they had. Not only were they able to experience this for the first time, but they had awesome seats. Half of the kids came back from the event with no voice. They said it was literally the greatest show they had ever seen. Once again, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you’ve given us to have our kids and parents experience this wonderful event.”

– Salvation Army Santa Ana at the Cavalia – Odysseo show






“This field trip was great for us here at the Y! Our children were able to experience somethi10399515_1039632206107528_4353925012145689048_nng in their own town that they most likely would never do without the help of Tickets for Kids. During this field trip the children were able to learn about the artwork while participating in a scavenger hunt that was arranged by the museum. This made the children get to know the artwork better, as they had to study the pieces for the scavenger hunt. The children also enjoyed the hands-on portion of the museum, where they could build, draw, and explore artwork.”

– YMCA Greensburg visiting the Westmoreland Museum of American Art





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